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Carbonated BIB Soda

Premix   Tea/Coffee's/Specialty Drinks

Non-Carbonated BIBs


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ATT Dallas SodaTap Dispenser

Newest Technology in Soda Dispensing

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Nitro Tea/Coffee's

Sparkling/Flat Water


The genesis of the SodaTap System goes back over 50 years to a small upstart company based in New Orleans, Louisiana.  As the founders of DESCO (Dispense Equipment Service Company, experts in soda dispensing and refrigeration) segued into every segment of the beverage dispensing industry as ChillRite32,  there was always the question, “can you dispense soda through a beer faucet” … Customers always seemed to gravitate toward that old school Soda Shop charm.  The challenge was carbonating post mix products through a premix beer faucet.  Through years of R&D and the advancement of dispensing technology – A glycol refrigerated, pre/post mix soda (and almost everything else) system was created.  Our SodaTap Team saw the genius in the system, seized on the opportunity and SodaTap Systems was created.

About Us

Fast food, fast casual, convenience store, bar or restaurant? No matter the venue, Soda Tap Systems is a refreshing change to electronic soda machines, the SodaTap System provides New "Old World" style and look that will enhance any beverage program. 


SodaTap delivers all your bulk beverages (soda, craft soda, iced teas, cold coffee, nitro coffee, kombucha, water, sparkling water, sports drinks, etc.) from a remote location to a smooth, clean wall dispenser or elegant counter top dispenser for self service or full service applications.  The fun factor of pulling on the tap to pour gives patrons an exciting new experience and a reason to return again and again! 


Any carbonation expert will tell you . . . "brewed in carbonation is much different than instant carbonation."  Brewed in carbonation incorporates micro bubbles for a tighter more crisp taste.  However, "brewed in" carbonation takes time and patience.  "Old World" soda systems delivered an exceptionally crisp soda taste!


SodaTap has developed that same tight crisp micro bubble “brewed-in” carbonation in the Soda Tap System.  Our carbonation process creates the same "brewed in" micro bubbles found in Old World soda systems using New World technology.  The Soda Tap System delivers "Old World" exceptionally crisp soda taste with a "New World" look. 


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